About Us

Company Overview

Oodler Express is an industry-leading delivery company that specializes in B2B delivery methods. We move big Kitchen Cabinetry items from businesses to job sites. The process is quick, easy, and pain-free! Oodler Express was founded in 2016 to simplify the delivery methods for high-end Kitchen cabinetry equipment that needs the extra care for manufacturers with high delivery volume. We recognized the lack of cost-effective and
appropriate delivery options that could handle the delicacy and size of such
materials and we wanted to change that for you.

Our Mission

Choosing an efficient delivery provider is paramount for ensuring your business continues running smoothly, effectively, and profitably while keeping your clients happy. At Oodler Express, our main mission is to bring the easiest solutions to the kitchen cabinet manufacturing industries. We want to simplify the process for you and bring you the fastest and easiest solutions where with clicks of buttons you can have quotes generated, deliveries scheduled, and be stress free that all materials arrive to the job site in a timely manner and perfect condition.

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